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The Tik Tok World | 1M Surprise Announcement | Funcho1153

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Bachie log! If you,re coming, please fill this form - With this increasing craze for Tik-Tok, a lot of people have started using Tik-Tok and creating content for it. This video is a fictional sketch around how a world filled with Tik Tok creators would be. If you are a Tik-Tok creator you,ll love watching this video. SHARE this video with everyone who uses Tik-Tok. If you love our work SUBSCRIBE to our channel - Follow us on Instagram: Funcho Entertainment - Dhruv Shah - Shyam Sharma - Nishit Shah - Husain Kanba - Prathamesh Vyas - Cast - Dhruv Shah, Shyam Sharma, Nishit Shah, Husain Kanba, Pradyuman Patil, Shavez Shaikh, Vansh Agrawal, Aditya More, Mansi Jain, Yash. For business enquiries, Mail us at